Flyeskizzle is a maniacal insect with a vendetta against the entire human race. Flyeskizzle has been hell bent on revenge since the destruction of his homeland. Flyeskizzle is fed up with getting doused with bug spray, swatted with fly swatters and being stuck to fly paper. Flyeskizzle despises human beings and is working on a master plan to destroy them all. In accomplishing this heinous act Flyeskizzle hopes all bug kind will be able to live in peace. As Flyeskizzle attempts to carry out his diabolical mission...We will bear witness to all of the adventurous adventures that prevent Flyeskizzle from completing his sole purpose. Flyeskizzle will encounter natural enemy's as well as allies who will either hinder or aide in his conquest. The displaced Flyeskizzle now lives in the home of a married couple named Rif and Quanda. The abnormal couple have wild parties on the weekend and allow their son Jonsey to operate without supervision. Having parents with such a carefree attitude, Jonsey terrorizes the neighborhood and any type of insect he can get his fingers on. We will see the world through the eyes of a fly who wants to defy a life expectancy rate of 15-30 days. Flyeskizzle must avoid Ryan the Exterminator who visits the house twice a week to eradicate all the unwanted roaches, rodents and reptiles. Flyeskizzle must also elude Jonsey's pet spider Bitsy, who roams the house freely spinning webs in unsuspected places. Jonsey also has a two headed Venus Fly trap who can't wait to get their lobed blades on Flyeskizzle. When Flyeskizzle ventures outside of the house he encounters numerous animals that could possibly kill him such as Bees, Bats and Birds. The life of a fly is never boring and its going to be interesting to witness Flyeskizzle accomplish his goal of obliterating man kind.

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The Cast
    Flyeskizzle is a maniacal, hateful, purpose driven insect with a vendetta against all human beings. Flyeskizzle has been obsessed with revenge since the destruction of his homeland which was caused by humans. As Flyeskizzle attempts to carry out his diabolical missions to destroy the human race Flyeskizzle encounters obstacles that prevent him from completing his mission. Flyeskizzle comes into contact with allies as well as natural enemies in his quest to avenge his species and all bug kind.
K-Bee Bro's
  The K-Bee Bros are hardworking, dedicated and trustworthy. The Killer Bee Brothers are the guardians of the bee hive. Their only purpose in life is to protect the Queen and their millions of siblings. One spring day the K-Bee brothers are taken aback by a startling sight... The Queen Bee having relations with Flyeskizzle. The Brothers are under the assumption Flyeskizzle forced himself on the Queen unaware they have been in an ongoing relationship for a while. For that reason the K-Bee Bros are Flyeskizzle's sworn enemies and they will stop at nothing to put a stinger in his ass.
​The Trap Twins
   The Venus FlyTrap Twins are one of Flyeskizzle's worst enemies of all. Mainly because the Flytrap prefers to indulge in the fine cuisine of live fly's and other insects. The Twins spend countless hours attempting to eat Flyeskizzle. The Twins are total opposites. Lefty is the muscle and is always hungry while Righty is comical and always has a punchline. The Trap Twins are the domesticated house plant of Jonsey the Terrible. Jonsey discovered the plant outside in the backyard while horse playing and decided to keep the plant as a pet.
ol Bat
King of the Roaches
Bitsy Spider

The Exterminator
Jonsey the Terrible